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Your questions, answered.

I have not used any skincare product before. Are your products safe?

Our team spent 2+ years concocting formulas and the products have gone through extensive testing on various skin types to ensure its efficacy and safety. However, as with any other skincare product, we highly recommend doing a patch test prior to using any of our products on a larger area of your skin.

Can I use your products even if I have sensitive skin/with existing skin condition?

In most cases, yes, since our products are allergy-tested. However, it is highly recommended to check with your dermatologist prior to use of any skincare product. Also, since different skin types and conditions may react differently to a particular product, we always suggest reviewing the listed ingredients of products to help you identify any sensitivities with certain ingredients.

What is the recommended age to use your products?

We recommend 13 years old and above as children below 13 may not have mature skin yet to be exposed to antioxidants early on. 

Are your products non-comedogenic?

Yes, our products are non-comedogenic, it doesn’t have ingredients that clogs pores and causes blackheads, pimples or cosmetic-related acnes.

What does dermagrade formula mean?

Derma grade means it is safe to be applied directly to the skin. (22).png

Can I stop using the brightening products once desired results are met?

We recommend that you include the products in your daily routine, even after you have achieved your desired results. Doing so will not only maintain healthy, nourished,and smoother skin but also protect your skin from harmful chemicals and procedures such as waxing, shaving and other environmental factors. 

Is the Pink Intimate only for female private parts?

No. The Pink Intimate Private Parts Brightening Cream can be used by both men and women for any private area. It doesn't alter the Ph level if used on the area surrounding the genitals. 

Are your products tested on animals?

No. Our products are cruelty-free and never tested on animals. 

How can I order?

Ordering is easy-peasy! Just check out our product pages, add to cart your preferred items, and check-out! The whole ordering process takes less than 5 minutes and you should receive an e-mail notification regarding shipment of your order.

Didn't find the answer you're looking for? Fill out the contact form and one of our skincare professionals will get back to you within  24 - 48 hours!
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I had an allergic reaction to the product.

If you've experienced an allergic reaction to one of our products, please get in touch with us via e-mail to

In your message, please include:
a. Your name
b. The full name of the product that caused an allergic reaction
c. A detailed description of the symptoms experienced
d. Photo of the product and photos of the affected area

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